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Had a problem with my E225 shuting down or not starting after it had been run. Sent ECM to DFI. One week turn around including shipping time and it is now running like a top. Thanks!

-Dave Lint


Thanks again guys, it has been two years since you rebuilt the ECU/EMM on my 200 HP Evinrude FICHT. It is still running as good as new and I must say I am so pleased with the quality of your work and service... My Playcraft 26 footer still tops out at 45+ mph and gets great fuel mileage. Once again, you have my endorsement. Have a great summer and good luck in your future endeavors.

-Bob and Colleen Kimbrell


I have to say, you guys did an excellent job in repairing the EMM I sent you. For the visitors to your website, I have been repairing Outboards for over 35 years. These folks listened to me when I explained the problem because of the unique issues with the unit. They not only bench tested the EMM after the repair, put it on an engine for functional testing. I am very pleased and will continue to use your company. I highly recommend you and appreciate the thorough craftsmanship of your work.

-Greg Nelson


Thanks DFI! I got my ECU back yesterday and installed it. I just got back from the lake and my Johnson FICHT is running great. Thanks for the fast turn around. 

-Woody Woodham

I just wanted to tell you that I do really appreciate what you did and that I am very happy with your work, as well as happy to pay you what you charged me, specially for the super fast service. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

-Felix J. Malpica


DFI Technologies checked out my ecu for no charge but the shipping.They saved me several hundred dollars as the dealer was stummped on my motor problem and was sending my ECU out to be rebuilt for about $1000.00.DFI checked it out and found that the ECU was good.They have a fast turn around plus answered all of my questions.Thanks again 

-Chris Flentke


Very fast service,ECM sent out last Monday and was repaired and back my dealer by Thursday. Thanx!

-Larry Fugate


Thanks DFI! I got my EMM back yesterday and the dealer installed it (Firma Korteland Albassedam).I just got back from the lake and my Evinrude FICHT-ram is running great (better than before). Thanks for the repair and testing. 

-Cor Van Geel


Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks. I called today to ask for your help in locating a problem I was having. One of my 98 Evinrude 150's was idleing rough and pinging up to 3000 rpm, it ran good at 4000 rpm and above. I was calling to see if you thought it was an injector, or the ECU, but you all suggested it might be a fuel problem. Thanks to your good advice I found the problem as you suggested it was the fuel pump, I pulled off the vac lins and squeezed the bulb and the fuel came out. I rebuilt it in 30 mins, one of the flapers was stuck open. By the way it runs great!

-Jay Michna